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Juliette wears looks signed by Bruna Marquezine and Sasha



Friends Bruna Marquezine and Sasha Meneghel sign a clothing collection in partnership with C&A. The “BFF” hits stores next Friday (27). Juliette already received some pieces and exhibited three looks. “Bruna and Sasha, is there room for another friend?”, he joked in the caption of the photos posted on Instagram.



Photo: @juliette/Instagram/Reproduction / They on the Red Carpet

How are Juliette’s looks?

The ex-BBB wore three trends: monochrome, tone on tone and printed set. “The collection has pieces for all styles of friends, if you are on a day to bet on colors and sensuality, go for pieces by Bruna, but if you want to invest in a more versatile and comfortable look, go for pieces by Sasha that has no mistake.”



Photo: @juliette/Instagram/Reproduction / They on the Red Carpet

  • The look on the left is a burgundy dress with the sensuality of the low-cut.
  • Another bet was an off-white top with light beige pants.
  • Red, yellow and white stained print draws attention in the set consisting of long-sleeved cropped top and skirt.

Tips for getting inspired by the look

#stays1: Monochromy is trending and helps to stretch because there is no visual interruption.

#stays2: Tone on tone lengthens precisely because the tones are close together, with no significant visual interruption.

#stays3: Tie-dye is back. The stained-looking dyeing technique was fashionable among hippies in the 1970s and surfers in the 1990s. It gives a relaxed touch and conquered space in beachwear and casual wear.

#stays4: The colored tie-dye is pretty flashy. Match it with more discreet clothes and accessories. Using only one of the pieces with the rest neutral helps to avoid excesses.

#stays 5: A high-waisted bottom, which covers the navel, is a good option for anyone who wants to leave only a small belly band showing with a cropped top.

#staysadic6: The trend of light makeup and with natural air is with everything. It comes without exaggeration, preferring corrected skin and light tones in the eyes and mouth.

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