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Justice determines millionaire attachment of Belo’s concert due to debt with Denílson



The Justice of São Paulo defined that a judicial deposit valued at just over R$ 7 million be made, which would go to Belo, for account of a debt that the singer has with former player and commentator DenílsoNo, from Band. The money will be debited from a show to be held in August, at Pacaembu. The information is from journalist Diego Garcia, from ‘UOL’.

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This Tuesday, the 5th Civil Court of the São Bernardo Forum determined that official letters be sent to companies that sell tickets for the Belo event, scheduled for the 20th of next month.

The court order is that the companies make the judicial deposit “up to the limit of the undisputed amount of the debt”, valued at R$ 7,004,586.00.

The millionaire value was disputed by Belo. The singer’s defense claims that he appealed against the decision, as he understands that the amount is irregular.

The artist’s lawyer, Marcelo Passos, pointed out that, at the moment, the amount is under review by the court and there is no blocking of the gross revenue of the show. What exists is a pledge of part of the values ​​that would be destined for the singer.

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In the 1990s, Belo and Denílson were friends and this friendship ended up turning into a commercial partnership. In 1998, the former player bought the rights to the pagode band Soweto, which had the singer as vocalist – the band was emerging in the Brazilian music scene, with songs like “Farol das Estrelas”, “Não Foi A Toa” and “Tudo Fica Blue”, belonging to the album “Farol das Estrelas”. Belo ended up leaving the group in 2000.

After Belo’s departure from Soweto in 2000, Denílson, then holder of the band’s rights, took legal action, alleging breach of contract, moral damages and other damages against the singer. In the case file, Belo’s defense, at the time, claimed that the singer never recognized Denílson as the holder of the band’s rights and that he did not receive financial contributions from the former player in the period.

After four years of processing the case, the TJSP won the case to Denílson, condemning Belo to pay R$ 388 thousand at the time. As the amount has not been paid so far, even with orders for blocking and attachment of the singer’s assets, and the transit of the action, the amount continues to grow due to the due monetary corrections.

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