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Killing Floor 2 Releases New Spring Beta 1 Update, Bringing New Events And Modes



Tripwire Interactive keeps a ship tight on their Slaughter area franchise, constantly releasing new content and fixes for the endless killer survival game. The FPS recently received another massive update, bringing new events and game modes.

The first event is the dystopian devastation, which takes place in what the developers have dubbed “Dystopia 2029”. Players fight to reclaim the city center and drive the Zeds off the streets, using the new Horzine HRG Beluga Beat weapon to do so.

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Among the modes, we have thirst for blood first. This mode causes a loss of health that constantly harms all players anytime there are 5 or more Zeds alive during a wave. Players can regain some of their health by killing or doing aids, but other healing methods have been disabled.

Players can also get Hellish Rage by killing Scrakes, Fleshpounds, and Quarterpounds. This increases player damage and speed, making it easier to destroy and get health regeneration for the game mode.

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The second is the Colosseum, which only allows Berserkers to use melee weapons. Zeds spawn rate is increased and the Batting Ram skill has been granted to all players, with Gorefasts and Quarterpounds spawning more frequently than usual.

Dystopian Devastation is compatible with both of these modes, as well as Survival, Weekly, and Endless game modes. It offers a whole new avenue and a new style of play for those who have been waiting for something to shake up the title.

There are two new weapons coming soon, with the HRG Beluga Beat mentioned above for snipers. This is a new version of the Seal Squeal that has been transformed into a sonic weapon capable of repelling enemies.

Another new weapon is the Gravity Imploder for Demolitionists, although it won’t be available until the end of the beta. This destructive weapon is a paid DLC that can be shared between players. The Tier 5 Grenade Launcher provides high damage and CC, as well as focusing enemies into a single area with a gravity singularity.

There will, of course, be new achievements to come thanks to the new map and new game modes that players can earn. Players can complete Seasonal Goals and earn enough to get the Cyborg Companion Backpack, if they choose.

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Overall, there is a lot to come for gamers, from purchasable DLC packs to weapons and free play modes. There will be a good balance between the general Dosh motto and quality of life improvements, so players falling on Killing Floor will have a fair amount to look forward to.

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