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Kingdom Hearts Ports To Switch Looking Likely 



The first Nintendo Switch Kingdom Hearts game is coming to Switch next month. With it the creator of Kingdom Hearts has teased something that could make fans very happy. The creator of Kingdom Hearts; Tetsuya Nomura said in an interview. That Switch fans will be happy with the news that is coming. A lot of people have wanted past games to come to Switch. It sadly won’t include the latest game; Kingdom Hearts 3 due to massive graphical upgrade compared to the older ones. This does add the question; will you buy it again for your Nintendo Switch and could we see more than just the remakes coming to the Switch?

Should it include the mobile games? 

If the ports do come to Switch, it should definitely include the mobile games. As they’ve never received the support they needed. They are now becoming a massive part of the story. With the Masters and the Master of Master becoming the next chapter of the story. The mobile games include Dark Road and Union at the moment, they are free on mobile but do have some in game purchases. If it did get ported to Switch. These should mostly be changed and a price tag should be put onto the game. Then a lot more people will understand the next chapter of Kingdom Hearts.  

One step closer to Sora in Smash Bros Unlimited 

If this does happen and the games come to Switch. It feels like Smash Bros Ultimate could be the next step for Kingdom Hearts. A lot of fans want Sora to be in the Smash Bros Series. If past games get ported, surely this is the next step. It has been mentioned in the past it could be a Disney and Nintendo problem on why we still haven’t had Sora as part of the roster. If Nintendo and Disney’s relationship grows, surely it’s time for Sora to be part of the roster. It does seem like Ryu from Ninja Gaiden will come to smash first but maybe the next member of the Fighter Pass?

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