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Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War is a tactical RPG from NEOWIZ based on Arthurian legend | Articles



NEOWIZ has today announced that its latest mobile RPG, Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War, is marching towards an iOS & Android release this August, with pre-registrations now open.

Based on Arthurian legend, Kingdom of Heroes sees a young Arthur building up an army of heroes to put a stop to an incoming evil. Your roster can be upgraded, customised with runes, and sent into hex-based tactical battles against a range of challenging enemies.

Combat here is said to reward careful positioning and smart party management over mindless button-mashing. Every hero comes with their own unique powers and equippable runes to utilise in combat, hopefully enhancing the overall level of depth on offer.

At launch, there will be over 180 characters split across 5 different classes. They can all be upgraded over time, which will unlock their hidden powers.

Some of the game modes you can hop into include the standard adventure campaign, an arena tournament, rune dungeon, guild raids, and a challenge tower. Basically, it sounds like it’ll launch with a lot to see and do.

“We are beyond thrilled to finally reveal Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War to western audiences,” said Woojae Im, NEOWIZ Studio Head. “Arthur’s quest to save Avalon has been a passion project of ours from the very beginning, and we think that fans of hero-collecting RPGs are going to find a whole lot to love in KoH.”

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War is currently expected to launch in the West this August. You can pre-register your interest ahead of time over on Google Play, or sign-up to be notified about the iOS launch right here. And if you’d like to join the game’s community, here’s a link to its Discord server. 

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