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Lary Bottino May Be Arrested for Clubbing After Testing Positive for Covid-19



Lary Bottino was eliminated from
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Lary Bottino was eliminated from “The Farm 13”

The cancellation is hardly close to what can happen to Lary Bottino. Because she visited a São Paulo club minutes after being diagnosed with Covid-19, the former A Fazenda 13 participant could be fined and jailed for committing the offense of infringement of preventive health measures. The sanction can range from one month to one year.

“According to article 268 of the Penal Code, it is a crime to leave the house with suspicion or a positive test for Covid-19, as it violates the government’s determination to prevent the introduction or spread of a disease contagious and is punishable by imprisonment, from one month to a year, and a fine ”, explained the lawyer Halyne Marques

If Anitta’s enemy was a public health worker, doctor, pharmacist, dentist or nurse, the prison sentence could be increased by a third.

In the event of a possible conviction, Lary will have to pay a fine, carry out community service and serve this sentence of open detention.

Lary Bottino was on Record last night (25) to appear on the A Fazenda News show, but was banned from entering the studio after testing positive for Covid-19. She was surprised to receive the diagnosis from the production team, but said it was the fourth time she had contracted the disease.

The station driver drove her home, but Lary decided to go clubbing with her friends, influencers Maju Mazalli and Gabriela Rippi. And he insisted on posting part of the night in Stories on his Instagram, rolling around on the dance floor and properly unmasked. Minutes before the party, she had recorded videos complaining of body aches, but attributed the symptoms to period cramps.

“What we do know is that last night before participating in a Record program, Lary tested positive for Covid-19, which is asymptomatic and with two doses of the vaccine. We are awaiting contact with her, “the press service said in a note sent to the column.

In the video below you can see the sequence of stories posted by Fernanda Medrado’s replacement in A Fazenda 13. She first appears doing the test at Record, then complains of pain in her body. , then appears enjoying a walk with his gang:

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