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Layered Clothing is coming to Roblox Avatars



Layered clothing is coming to Roblox Avatar customization. Announced during the Roblox In the Investor Day broadcast, players will soon be able to equip multiple layers of clothing on their Avatar during customization. No release date was provided.

Soon, avatar customization will be even more complex. For example, the addition of layered clothing will allow players to wear a backpack on top of a jacket, on top of a jersey. Currently, a backpack / jacket / t-shirt combination would be strictly classified as a singular shirt accessory.

Image via Roblox

As business director Craig Donato emphasized, the layered clothing feature gives users much more freedom of expression when designing their digital selves.

“This is important because we want users to treat Avatars as digital themselves,” says Donato. “A significant percentage of our DAU [Daily Active Users] They change their Avatars in some way, every day, as if they change clothes in real life. “

We also envision that layered clothing will encourage game makers to design even more diverse clothing and accessory options, all in the name of allowing users to create the closest possible versions of their true self.

Image via Roblox

In addition to the layered clothing that comes to Roblox, Donato also referred to real life facial expressions. Following the Roblox Recent acquisition of the company’s company in December 2020, Donato reminded the audience that this face-tracking technology will enable “richer and more subtle forms of communication.”

No details were announced on when to expect layered clothing and real-life facial expressions.

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