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League of Legends Yone Season 11 Guide: How To Play, Best Builds and Runes



In this article, we will be detailing ways on how to improve your Yone gameplay. From Rune and Summoner Spells to in-game phase performance, let’s leave an unforgettable mark on the enemy team as this skilled assassin in the mid-lane.

Yone – Runes & Summoner Spells

Yone Runes and Summoner Spells Guide
Yone Runes

In Season 11. Yone’s main keystone can be placed on Conqueror however a common alternative is Fleet Footwork. The key details to note is that Conqueror will offer Yone greater scaling abilities, further helping his mid-to-late game and especially in extended fights. On the other hand, Fleet Footwork gives Yone a safer laning phase against harassing opponents. The rest are standard picks for him with Triumph, Legend: Alacrity and Coup De Grace. Having Domination in the secondary page will support that weak early game if Conqueror is chosen. Taste of Blood will provide some sustain during the laning phase, which Yone lacks. Ravenous Hunter also provides a great amount of sustain, especially once fully stacked. Try using Resolve in the secondary page if proceeding with Fleet Footwork.

Flash + Ignite
Flash & Ignite

Usual Summoner Spell choices for Yone is Flash and Ignite. Flash is the universal option for engaging and escaping. Ignite helps Yone have a bit more pressure during laning phase to make opponents think twice about getting too close to you and assists in securing kills.

Flash + Teleport
Flash & Teleport

Flash and Teleport can also be good options, especially when playing Yone in the top-lane. Teleport can support his laning phase against opponents as well as provide opportunities for backdoor plays. It will be helpful in keeping you safe as you work on scaling for later in the game.

Yone – Build & Skill Order

Starting Items Yone
Mythic / Core Items Yone
Yone Item Builds

Yone has multiple options in terms of item building. Starting the game, you will have to decided on whether a Doran’s Blade or the Doran’s Shield will work best for your match-up. We’d say the blade is a more common choice but both are very valid options. Regarding Yone’s core items, with both items starting with Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Immortal Shieldbow or Bloodthirster are popular choices for many Yone mains recently. These picks offer Yone some Life Steal, creating a healing monster if done properly. Building Yone with offensive ADC mythic items such as the Shieldbow has gone around that even League pros Perkz and Knight has tried this out. On the other hand, a standard core build duos are also Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer, giving Yone both a higher attack damage and attack speed. When these are paired, 100% critical strike chance is created and can easily overpower squishier champions. Reminder: attack speed will affect Yone’s Mortal Steel (Q) by reducing its cast time and cooldown which allows you to use the ability more often.

Boots Yone
Defensive Items Yone
Yone Item Builds

With Boots, Berserker Greaves will be your best bet. This will increase the champion’s attack speed, making Yone even more deadly when playing aggressively. Mercury’s Tread’s and Plated Steelcaps are also good backups when you need a little bit more help or protection against enemy attacks. Yone can falter to a weak early game causing him to have trouble later in the game. Picking up defensive items can almost be a must for Yone, therefore Death’s Dance and Guardian Angel are powerful items for him. It provides Yone with both offensive and defensive support. Death’s Dance against Burst Champions and Guardian Angel for AD threats. How is your match-up looking?

Yone Abilities Max Order

Prioritizing Mortal Steel to finish first is helpful for Yone. A useful ability for both poking your opponents and farming during the laning phase as well as a great engager especially when locking down to use your ultimate. After, max Soul Unbound then Spirit Cleave. Do keep in mind that a slip-up using Soul Unbound can cost you your own life, so be mindful on what works best on your familiarity with Yone. Don’t forget that it can be useful for dashing away from disadvantageous situations too.

Early Game

As mentioned quite often throughout this article, Yone’s early game is a delicate dance. A match-up against ranged players are definitely going to be rough, so stay back and farm using your Q. Just keep that rage inside while they keep poking you at mid, then unleash the demon when it’s ready. However, if we are looking at a melee opponent, well here you go: be a little more aggressive and poke them with that Q if they get too close. A quick combo for early game would be engaging with Mortal Steel and escaping to safety with Soul Unbound.

Mid-Late Game

Prepare yourself because this is where Yone shines! Once you’ve chosen your items to proceed with, Yone gains a substantial powerspike. Prioritizing objectives will also help Yone snowball his power. But of course, don’t forget the enemies. When you find someone from the enemy team out of position, especially our squishier friends, a punishment must be dealt and you can definitely serve that. Just like the early combo, use Mortal Steel as engage and knock up your opponents to land Fate Sealed. Later during team fights, Yone can use Soul Unbound to create flank plays. Also, use your team mates’ engages to your advantage and finish the job with Fate Sealed.


Yone deserves the hype when he was initially released and we don’t think it has died down just yet. Using this champion requires skill and dexterity, but everyone has to start somewhere. Once you master Yone, it will be something you will be greatly proud of. Just keep in mind that the temptation for flashy plays might be very strong, but sticking to the basics and slowly building your advantage might just be the best way to become your team’s carry towards victory. Look out for more guides for your favorite League champions here on Gamezo!

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