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learn details of the end of Marriage à Cegas Brasil, a successful bet by Netflix



A reality based on the idea of ​​romantic love and some outdated ideals, Marriage to the Blind has become a blockbuster on Netflix. The formula, so unusual, ends up becoming irresistible: men and women in search of the noblest feelings must choose their future partners without knowing them personally. They “know”, fall in love and decide to get married without seeing who they are talking to inside the famous cabins. The idea is to prove (or not) what the title of the American original says: Love is Blind.

Commissioned by Kleber Toleddo and Camila Queiroz, the Brazilian version of Love is Blind will have the last episodes made available by the streaming giant this Wednesday (10/20), but it can already be considered a success for its repercussion and also for challenges. it helped to get up.

The behavior of men is the main one. Parachutist Thiago Rocha, who despises his fiancée’s work and imposes conditions on marrying her, has been called the flower of Brazilian machismo. With the film burned, he tries to mitigate the impacts of negative exposure on social media. The Santa Catarina native even did a poll in the Stories asking the public if he really was an example of the male scrotal species. 94% of subscribers chose yes for their answer …

Thiago has become an icon of male chauvinism in reality, but he’s not the only man who behaves like we’re living at the turn of the last century. Rodrigo exposed his wife, Day, in a conversation with the “parças”. What he said, so rude, was omitted from the public in the final edition, at the request of the “experimenting” partner. The idea remains that the broker, who sells himself as a romantic and organized man, revealed to a circle of friends what happened within four walls. A classic for any male chauvinist.

The Brazilian version of the reality show looks more nimble than the American original, which lacks the excess of flashbacks. Here, with all the expansion of Brazilians, the conversation between couples also sounds more spicy than in Uncle Sam’s country. The weak point, however, is a spoiler that the edition lets out from the very first episode, showing the image of a clearly identifiable bride on the run.

By the way, it must be said that Netflix scolded almost all the participants. Enthusiastic about “post-reality life,” they posted too much on social media and ended up delivering too many endings of the attraction before the final episodes were made public.

If Netflix missed these spoilers, who are we to keep it a secret, right?

The bride who abandons her suitor at the altar is model Ana Prado. Dressed in a white dress, veil and whatever a marriage asks for, Ana, who is the mother of a three-year-old girl, dropped Iranian Shayan Haghbinghomi at the ceremony because she felt that the smiling Iranian was not making enough efforts to settle down. an effective bond with the child. All of this afterwards, in statements released in previous episodes, revealing that the groom did not help with household chores and changed the way he acted when the cameras weren’t on.

But it is by far the most bombastic story. Do you remember Thiago Rocha? He and Nanda Terra go up to the altar and say yes. But, after the party, the native of Santa Catarina decided to end the marriage by telephone. A cute one, isn’t he?

Out of reality, Nanda reunited with Mark, the suitor who left her torn during the cabin conversations. The boy was even shaken, uncomfortable about being kicked out of the program, but the two stayed. Will it really match?

Day and Rodrigo aren’t getting married either. And maybe this is one of those cases where the happy ending is exactly that.

But, for those who bet on romantic love and like to see the “yes”, the Netflix reality show also has it all: businessman Lissio Fiod and psychologist Luana Braga are getting married; as well as lawyer and model Carolina Novaes and project manager Hudson Mendes.

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