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LEC Finals: G2 3-0 Against Fnatic



In today’s LEC Summer Split playoff final, G2 defeated Fnatic 3-0, securing their eighth title as regional champion. In today’s best of five, G2 dominated Fnatic in a series of games lasting over 30 minutes each. Although both teams have secured a place in the World Cup, G2 will enter the 2020 World Cup for the third time as the first seed.

Game 1: a brave start.

G2 dominated the first game from the start, coming up with a brave project that saw Jankos in the jungle with Shen. The first 13 minutes see a golden advantage in favor of Fnatic, thanks also to the first blood acquired by Jhin de Rekkles, but a team fight in the top lane alongside a beautiful 3v1 signed Caps manage to turn the situation around, and from then on the game was downhill for them.

Fnatic lost sight of the main targets, leaving four dragons, an elder dragon, and two barons for the enemy team. After almost 50 minutes of play, G2 destroyed Fnatic’s base and conquered the first game with a monetary advantage of more than 9K gold.

Game 2: the return.

The second game begins once again with an unusual draft of both teams: Fnatic takes the field with Zilean, Hecarim, Corki, Senna and Pyke; while G2 chose Ornn, Sett, Sylas, Ashe and Lulu.

The match started with an unexpected first blood from Mikyx’s Lulu against Hylissang’s Pyke before the third minute of the game.
However, the situation was quickly reversed thanks to Nemesis’s masterful execution with Corki, who easily took down the enemy in the middle and top lane.

For the next 30 minutes, Fnatic held the G2, conquering 3 dragons and a gold advantage of almost 5K, but just after conquering the third dragon the fight ensued that turned the situation upside down: Caps met the double death in the Bottom line of the enemies saving your team. Immediately, G2 won the Baron’s benefit and gained the monetary advantage.

Fnatic didn’t wait any longer: they attacked the enemy base knocking down two inhibitors, but G2 defended themselves very well by driving away the enemies and winning the next team fight.

We are now at 40 minutes and G2 continued to take gold tracks and lose inhibitors at the same time.

There is not a minute to breathe: in a fraction of a second Nemesis is out of position and dies, G2 conquers the Greater Dragon and without further delay is launched into the base race. They knock down the inhibitor in the middle lane, find the ace on the enemy team and get another victory. It is a starting point for G2.

Game 3: the signing of the European champions

The decisive game sees creative drafts again. On Fnatic’s side are: Ornn, Graves, Corki, Caitlyn and the return of Bard; while G2 insta-lock Vladimir, then Sett, Syndra, Ashe and Nautilus.

First blood is conquered by G2 in the middle lane, but Fnatic immediately matched the kill count in the same lane. A solo kill from Caps, this time on Nemesis, gives the G2 a slight edge.

Shortly after that, a team fight breaks out on Central Lane in which Rekkles returns to the front, killing Ashe of Perkz with a masterful shot.

At this point in the game, both teams have conquered a dragon and head to the pit to conquer the third, a fight breaks out from which G2 is victorious. At this point, the gap begins to widen – Fnatic members get stuck in blind positions multiple times, killing all opponents across the map. Despite the textbook fights staged by Corki of Nemesis, Fnatic’s wrong center lane position allows G2 to find an easy kill and target their third dragon in the game, leading the team to soul point.

Once again a fight in the dragon pit brings the game to a turning point: Nemesis and Selfmade manage to kill the enemy adc and top laner thanks to the help of Caitlyn of Rekkles, however, the fight is reversed once more thanks to Mikyx’s fantastic Nautilus who manages to block Rekkles, who is later killed by Caps.

At this point, G2 reached the pinnacle of the game – they get the Fire Dragon Soul, the Baron Perk, a 9k Gold Cash Perk, and destroy two Fnatic Base Inhibitors.

Now only the inhibitor tower remains on the bot side. G2 is preparing to besiege the last remaining tower, but Fnatic fights back and manages to kill three of his enemies thus moving towards the Elder Dragon pit.
In a handful of seconds Fnatic is conquering the dragon that will allow them to turn the game around, the enemy jungler tries to distract them but in the end it will be Selfmade’s Graves who will get the benefit for the whole team, but while the fight for the dragon continues, Caps He has returned to life, he uses teleportation on his minions at the enemy base and with a race through the back door he manages to destroy the enemy nexus and thus G2 closes the game and wins the series.

A historic finale for G2

They were successful, they also closed this split victorious, we saw the G2 rise from ninth in the regular season standings, and now they are on top of Europe once again winning 3-0 coming up from the underdog.

Despite Fnatic’s courage and desire to win, they fell short this time, and it will be interesting to see who emerges victorious when they face G2 once again in the final.

G2 and Fnatic have met a total of 14 times, with both teams winning 7 times each. However, today’s series changed history as G2 won the 2020 LEC Summer Split title and became the eighth European champion.

G2 is not only champion of Europe but also victorious against the historic rival team, making a bold statesman for the whole world: we will prevail.

Will they be able to complete the 2020 Grand Slam? We’ll know from September 25 during the 2020 League of Legends World Championship.

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