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Legion Update 1 adds new character, modes for online



Watch Dogs: Legion seemed to be on somewhat shaky ground at launch. After its own delay, the launch was hampered by errors. Its online mode, which was heavily promoted by Ubisoft, was delayed before it finally went live on March 20. On the bright side of things, Ubisoft has been adamant about taking the game where it should be. Starting tomorrow, Watch Dogs: Legion It will be expanded even further with Update 1, which will bring a new character, as well as single and multiplayer modes.

Naturally, a new operative to take on missions may be the highlight of the upgrade. Your new friend takes the form of Mina Sidhu, who comes to Watch Dogs: Legion with quite a unique ability. It’s equipped with something called the OMNI Optik, which isn’t exactly self-explanatory. But what it does is certainly unusual, allowing you to use mind control and take over an enemy’s body. He can also use a Mind Blast to stun nearby enemies.

We see how you can use your hacker technology from the nineties in today’s trailer. By taking over someone, you can control that person and move freely, even taking down nearby guards. It still counts as stealth, right? The Mind Blast, however, is when the shit goes south and you find yourself surrounded. Mind Blast seems to be able to knock out some enemies or stun them long enough to take them down.

Don’t do it alone

Watch Dogs: Legion Update 1 also includes more common modes, skills, and operatives for the online and single-player campaign. You will have to choose between two new characters: the DJ and the First Responder. New skills for operatives include Pickpocket, Hoarder, Second Wind, and Stuntman. The update comes with three cooperative online missions, five more individual assignments, and two additional cooperative gadgets: the Guardian Drone and the Point Defense Drone.

Ubisoft also released some teases about the game’s upcoming content. Later this month, the game will be updated with a new tactical operation and two more PVP modes: Invasion and Extraction.

Watch Dogs: Legion Update 1 will go live tomorrow. Have fun with all that brain hacking business.

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