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Legion Update 3.0 is available now, fixes bugs and crashes



Hopefully London is in better shape now that the players have spent the past few months cleansing oppression with a healthy dose of anarchy and the fight for freedom. Ubisoft has also done its part to provide a better experience for players as they progress through their missions. That said, there is still a lot to come Watch Dogs: Legion, and Update 3.0 is one more step towards the major changes, including some prep work for online mode that was once delayed.

The Ubisoft Community Manager released some patch notes today that specified an emphasis on improving the stability of the game before the launch of the online mode. A not so quick scrolling through the list of fixes claims that the developer has been working hard to fix things. It would be extremely boring if you started listing each solution one by one, but there are some general conclusions that we can draw from the information.

Stay in the game

For starters, there should now be a lot less accidents for players. PCs vary greatly in hardware specs, and this tends to introduce a lot of weird problems in games. Developers work to improve stability in an order of most common to least common settings among users. Now seems like a good entry point for more potential watchdogs players, and accessibility is good news.

Watch Dogs Legion Technical Review

However, once you get to the actual game, it seems like a lot more missions, mechanics, and options should work as intended. If you have a problem with a particular mission, you can read these notes. They are quite specific so your issue can be included in the fix list.

We also found it particularly interesting that the game suffered from stuttering issues and frame rate drops on some systems. One gamer, who was quick to comment on the post, wrote that they experienced a lot of stuttering in an older version. Hopefully the stuttering now resolves for that player and others alike. More specifically, it appears that gamers with AMD graphics cards were experiencing an issue where the wrong default quality was selected. AMD cards also suffered from visual artifacts. Those issues are now resolved as well, so you can re-enter without fear. As a final note, it seems that Tobii eye tracking software works better now with this update.

Watch Dogs: Legion Update 3.0

See you in London

We are interested in seeing how the elements work online Watch Dogs: Legion. Ubisoft has hyped that aspect of the game, but was unable to finish it in time for the main launch. He’s a few months late, but I guess late is better than never. Most developers are dealing with delays these days, so we need to show a little more patience. For now, Update 3.0 at least makes Watch Dogs: Legion best in its single player mode.

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