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Lego Is Diving Into Retro Gaming! 



It’s started to look like Lego is going into retro gaming. It started with Mario and now it looks like it’s going into more of Mario’s history. With the introduction of the Lego NES with a little retro TV that can play Super Mario Bros, well a simulation of it. With able to build all of these together. Even though it does come with a pretty big price tag of $200, it does have 2646 pieces in the collection. 

What console do you want Legofied? 

If they’re going down this, I really hope they do it right. There are a lot of consoles that would be amazing getting Legofied. The big one that stands out for me would obviously be the GameCube. Although there’s also the NES 64 and maybe even the Wii. That would look great Legofied. There are also a lot of consoles that aren’t Nintendo that would look pretty good as Lego Consoles.

It gets us thinking, what’s going to be the next Lego game? 

This has got us thinking about what is the next Lego video games series to be made. Although we are getting Star Wars lego collection down the line. The easy guess for the next game would be a lego Mario game exclusively to Switch. With all the Lego Mario things we’re getting now, it does make massive sense that we get a game for the consoles. There are also some rumours following that it could actually be a Fast and Furious lego game. If that is true, it will be better than the current Fast and Furious game releasing on 7 August 2020. 

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