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Léo Santana makes a statement, confirms the outcome and humiliation comes to light



Leo Santana is one of the biggest names in Brazilian axé, but despite his success, he has gone through ups and downs in his career. In a recent interview with the podcast Podpah, by Igor Cavalari and Thiago Marques, the famous vented and opened up some details of what he lived.

At the time, Léo Santana was asked about the outcome of the Parangolé group, in which he was for 7 years, and signing with his own name. “It was a difficult and at the same time an easy decision,” said the interviewee.

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Then Léo Santana detailed how it all really happened. “All the TV shows I went to I went alone (without the band). It’s the band Parangolé, but only Léo Silva goes there.”, he stressed, explaining the reason for such a decision.

Not knowing what to do, the singer told his reality to a friend and heard what he didn’t expect. “I needed to talk about this with someone and it was frustrating. I spoke to a guy I considered my brother, a friend I didn’t have. Then I said: ‘hey guy, I’m thinking about going solo, what do you think? Then he said: ‘Are you crazy? Fuck you,” he said.

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According to Léo Santana, he walked away from his friend after the lack of motivation and sought out his current partner, who, unlike his partner, supported the decision and helped him to walk on his own two feet.

Currently, the singer hits the charts and is considered one of the biggest in the country, bringing with him not only the fame of being a giant artist in size, since he has more than 2 meters, but also for a range of lyrics that have hit and are in the mouth of the people.

Léo Santana in an interview with Podpah - Photo: Reproduction
Léo Santana in an interview with Podpah (Photo: Reproduction)
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