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Leonardo’s capture in an atmosphere of intimacy with a fan goes viral on the networks



Leonardo at the Cabaré show in São Paulo.  Photo: Lucas Ramos/AgNews

Leonardo at the Cabaré show in São Paulo. Photo: Lucas Ramos/AgNews

News summary:

  • Video of Leonardo in hot weather with a fan in the dressing room went viral on the networks

  • Singer appears hugging woman around the waist and denying kiss registration

  • “It’s a problem at home”, he said when taking a photo with his face glued to the girl

Leonardo returned to the subject this Thursday (21) after a controversial video went viral on social media. In the recording, the singer appears in an atmosphere of intimacy with a fan as he meets the woman in the dressing room.

The blonde appears very excited to find the countryman and grabs Leonardo when trying to give him a peck, which is not clear if it actually happened because he appears with his back to the camera at that moment.

When posing for the photo, the musician is face to face with the fan and they are asked to give a peck, but Poliana’s husband backs off and doesn’t let them make that kind of record. “I can’t, it’s a problem at home,” he said.

It is not known when the video was recorded, which is already circulating on all social networks, although it seems to be a record from a few years ago.

It is worth remembering that Poliana Rocha, Leonardo’s wife, recently came to vent to her followers about the artist’s betrayals during her marriage. “If have [amante], please don’t tell me. I do not want to know. I’m full of love for myself. And if you know, tell her his finances are with me. Sorry,” she said on her Instagram account. Check out Leonardo’s video that has been circulating on the networks:

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