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Let’s Play The Blame Game – Bower’s The Reason Nintendo Is Slipping, At The Worst Time.



With a lot of games coming out the blue with no big event. The Nintendo Direct has near enough changed the way video games are marketed and effectively near enough destroyed E3. Even though that’s not really a bad thing with Sony also putting one of the final nails in the coffin. Now though, the amazing Nintendo Direct has nearly disappeared from the Nintendo arsenal. They seem to be throwing out smaller and less entertaining types of Directs. That looking at the like to dislike ratio on YouTube, its not working as a marketing scheme.   


Looking at the timing of announcements, they’re doing it on purpose. 


If you look through some of the announcements over the past more than half a year. If you add all the announcements up and the times of release. It could have actually filled a half decent direct, not a very good one, but still a decent one. That being said though, surely we still have some games that are coming this year that haven’t been announced surely. This means that these games could also be added to a direct because there must be some games that have release dates that we don’t know about. 


It really feels like they’re choosing not to have a big Direct rather than they can’t. There are probably a lot of setbacks with a lot of games they have announced in the past. There have been games over the first part of the year that could have been put together into a Direct. Games like Paper Mario, Xenoblade Chronicles and now Shin Megami Tensei V. Could have all been put together into a direct that announced release dates for all of them which could have been the template for a decent Direct. This is why we think that Nintendo has chosen not to do a proper Direct for some reason. 


Could we blame Bowser for this? 


The only reason why the Nintendo marketing scheme could have changed is due to the change of leadership. Even though Doug Bowser was behind the marketing scheme of the Switch and with the massive success of the Switch, there’s no doubt he is amazing. It can’t be missed though, he came into leadership in April officially. Close to the time where the last big Direct we saw take place. This could mean that the choice to have these very small directs comes from the top. This is why we haven’t had a Direct for nearly a year now and the reason we probably won’t see one. 


There is one more reason why we haven’t had one yet which could also be because of Bowser. The last full Direct was September and it’s still not September. It could just be that Nintendo will have their big event every September. Even though, at the moment, we don’t really have a big August game but we probably will at some point. That’s the only reason why I can think we have not scored a big Direct, they’re making it an annual September thing. After all big announcements from other consoles have usually happened, so it’s fresh in your head. We will do a full article on why this will happen soon, so stay tuned. 

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