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Leveling and Summoning Tips for RAID: Shadow Legends



I was so busy going to what appeared in RAID: Shadow Legends for mobile and PC, I didn’t really explain the leveling of characters and equipment. Both are simple and some require different materials to make it. We are going to get into that very quickly.

Rating systems in RAID: Shadow Legends

This game has three different classifications / leveling systems. The first is the default levels you see in most games. Second, we have the star levels. By winning new champions, they have a star base level. This star level determines that manufacturing level.

The third rating is rarity. Gray / white is common, green is rare, blue is rare, pink is epic, and gold is legendary. Gear has a star level that cannot be raised and can fall on all rarities.

Summoning new champions

In the Bastion, you will find different buildings to level up characters and abilities, summon champions, check challenges and more. If you have enough summon crystals, you can summon new champions for your party.

These crystals come in different colors for rarity, and each rarity gives you a certain range of character rarity, from common to legendary. The game gives you a rare crystal every 24 hours, but you can also cultivate it through story battles or the Dungeon.

They can also be awarded for overcoming certain challenges.

Levels and Summoning Tips for RAID: Shadow Legends

The green crystal will mainly give you common champions with a decent chance for rare champions and a slim chance for a rare champion. Blue crystals guarantee at least one rare champion and so on.

Leveling, promotion and promotion champions

In the Bastion, the Tavern can be used to level up, promote, and promote champions. Ascendant powers a champion where they are currently level. Once promoted, one of its stars turns pink.

An promoted champion will be more powerful after promotion than one of the same star level and rarity who has not been promoted.

Promoting them when they reach the limit for their star level restarts the character at his new star level. However, it allows you to raise them to higher overall levels. For example, a common (gray) champion will have a star and can level up to 10.

A rare champion (blue) comes with three bat stars and can level up to 30.

Upon promotion, they earn a new star, return to level one, and can maximize again. You can promote them to two stars, which means that their limit is now level 20. The promotion tends to require special material or a number of champions of the same rarity to sacrifice.


Finally, leveling is self-explanatory. You can level up a champion through battle in the main story or in the dungeon. You can also level them through the Tavern by sacrificing champions you don’t need. The higher the level and rarity of the sacrificed champion, the more XP they give.

I recommend leveling up some rare and common champions for slaughter. Expect to sacrifice higher rarity champions unless you only have a large number of them. Leveling weapons through the Champion screen requires only in-game money. Everything in the tavern requires a certain amount of money.

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