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Life Advice from Classic Games: Nuggets of Wisdom



I love classic games like Dragon Quest V, Suikoden III, Y Final Fantasy VI. One trait of retro JRPGs is routine.

Just when you think your character has the power to take on a boss, you go through a dungeon and come across too many enemies.

Grinding in classic games

This causes your group to eat too many potions and ethers. By the time you get to the dungeon boss, you are somewhat ill-equipped. However, you only know that you’ve leveled enough in this dungeon to have the muscle to beat this boss.

Then your group receives collective cheeks to the left and right. The last character standing is someone in the last row who is not cut out for life alone.

Fortunately, you managed to reach a rescue location, but you are still poorly equipped and low level. You probably don’t even have a recovery spell to go back to the last city you visited.

Life Tips from Classic Games: Nuggets of Wisdom

Or you have to go back through the dungeon to get out and stock up or go deeper, get into big brain mode and execute the strategy on the dungeon boss. If you are going to run with option A, everything will be flushed and repeated.

That is the routine. You weren’t going to escape in classic RPGs because you’d have to do it again in another dungeon anyway. Hopefully you are better prepared and decently leveled.

Maybe even apply critical thinking and pick up on attack patterns and weaknesses faster. If you take enough hits and losses, you will eventually start to figure things out.

Video games taught lessons and realities of life

When I was younger, I thought this was all just fun. It can be amazing to overcome a challenge in something you enjoy regardless of gender or activity. As I got older, I could see that some of the things found in games can be applied to life.

I’m not talking about “Never give up! Never give up!” In life, there are things you can stay away from or avoid.

In classic games, there was none of that. The progress of games from the late 80s to the early 2000s often puts you on a path with a number of challenges.

For the milder players, puzzle games won’t let you progress until you solve them. You were rewarded with a decent enough prize and more puzzles. That taught him that many times he would be rewarded for his effort and hard work with more work.

Action games of the time were taught to always keep your head on the swivel no matter where you are. It also taught him not to eat food from just anywhere.

Finally, role-playing games teach that life’s lesson is routine as your character grows. Some things will always repeat themselves because routine is a pillar of life.

There will always be a challenge, but proper planning and preparation prevent poor performance. Being complete in talents, skills, knowledge, and having a compact team around you can make those challenges easier to tackle.

On the other hand, you could just live alone if playing life on maximum difficulty sounds like fun.

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