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Logic Joins Twitch In Exclusive Streaming Deal



The soon-to-be retired rapper, Logic is taking a turn from music to form an exclusive deal streaming on Twitch. This move was revealed by Logic in an interview with The Verge.

Logic had planned his retirement from the rap game but nobody knew that he was moving to gaming instead. But the rapper has actually been an active member of the Twitch community since 2016. “I’m not this rapper guy, man, […] I’m just a nerd. I love video games” said Logic. A motivator for his use of Twitch is his ability to connect with his fans while also using Twitch moderation to block hateful comments.

“I’m blessed enough to have millions of fans and followers. So it is a great partnership”. In a time where streamers have signed multi-million dollars to commit to a specific platform Logic is the latest pick, with a deal in the seven figures. The change of careers comes with the release of his final album, No Pressure. 

Logic Isn’t The Only Rapper/Streamer

Unlike other music artists who are in the gaming scene Logic’s move to Twitch makes him unique in the recent moves that the streaming platform Caffeine has been making. While we have learned from Mixer that buying talent for your platform doesn’t make it better, Caffeine’s model is made of exclusively that. Music artists like Drake, Offset and Doja Cat are just a few names in their library of streamers. But this isn’t a major draw. Aside from the news that someone has signed to Caffeine, there isn’t much interest in the platform.

Looking forward in Logic’s career on Twitch, along with gaming he plans on focusing on being a father and moving past his music career. His newest album will be released on stream on July 21st. Logic will be presenting it to his fans and viewers on his Twitch channel here.

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