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LoL Esports – Welcome To The Future Of Competitive League



Riot Games have recently announced a complete rebranding of LoL Esports. “From global play that exhilarates fans around the world to the legendary trophy lift at Worlds, it all lives in LoL Esports.”

Credit: @lolesports

Well, this wasn’t exactly something I saw coming. League of Legends developers Riot Games have rebranded the Esports division of League of Legends. The new design is sleek, bold, and propels the game’s competitive scene into the next decade. Riot understands that LoL Esports is needed to support a “thriving global esports ecosystem” and they hope that this will serve as the perfect platform to do that. 

LoL Esports
Nice, right?

It seems as though League of Legends isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, with talk of the next ten years of operations. To be fair, why would it? Estimates have suggested that League of Legends is going to have more than 100 million players. Wikipedia’s “List of video games by monthly active player count” had 115 million as of March 2019. 

LoL Esports New Look Was Taken From Summoner’s Rift

In a quote below, you can read about how Riot Games have taken inspiration from League of Legends’ iconic playing field to create their new look:

When creating a new look for LoL Esports, we took inspiration from Summoner’s Rift, pulling color and iconography from our sport’s legendary arena. We aimed to have this update reflect a step into the modern while honoring the game that made it all possible. You can check out this new look across our LoL Esports channels, events, content and broadcasts.

If you’re looking for more answers, the announcement post has several FAQ’s to satiate your curiosity. Mainly it covers the impact the rebranding will have on events, products, and regional leagues.

Credit: Riot Games

Check it out here: Welcome To LoL Esports

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