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Luciano Camargo says he was ‘cancelled’ for leaving the sertanejo for gospel



Luciano Camargo says he suffered ‘cancellation’ for changing musical genresPlayback / Instagram

Published 06/22/2022 12:03 | Updated 06/22/2022 12:04

Rio – Luciano Camargo, from the duo with Zezé Di Camargo, spoke about his relationship with religiosity and his gospel career, during a conversation with Karina Bacchi. The singer claimed that he lost followers and was “cancelled” after changing music genres.

“I’ve always been one of few friends, those who are real, haven’t moved away. I’ve never been a man to party. The countryman likes to do rape at home, I’ve never done it. in a moment we sing praise”, began the singer.

“I didn’t have that experience of someone walking away from me. I had that thing of being cancelled, of cancellation, I didn’t even know it. As I don’t live off Instagram, my attention to social media is minimal. It’s not my focus. The project came out, when I released the first song, the other week, the people who were following said: ‘You lost more than 40 thousand followers in two, three days’”, he said about the release of his latest album.

During the conversation, Karina Bacchi was moved to say that she saw herself in Luciano, as she identified with his conversion to the Protestant church. “I know what it’s like to want more, to always find yourself insufficient and then realize that what you’ve found is so much bigger than anything,” said the presenter. “Do you feel this desire to share?”, asked the artist. “I’ve never felt the desire to share something in my life as much as I do to share it! I get on the bus and go upstairs and find myself talking about Jesus”, he added, talking about the conversations he has with the musicians in their trips.

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