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Luísa Sonza answers if she is single or dating



Luisa sonza used the stories last Tuesday night (5) to answer questions from subscribers. The singer, who ended her relationship with vitão in August, she opened up about her love life, as well as other revelations about her personal life and career.

“Are you single?” asked a surfer. Luísa, in turn, answered “yes”. In addition, the singer was asked if she “has changed much in relation to her personality”, answering “no”.

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Luísa Sonza answers questions from fans – (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram Stories)

Luísa and Vitão’s relationship ended after the attacks the singer was receiving. Despite the breakup, the singer said she wished the artist the best of luck, even as their relationship ended. “It all hurts me in ways you can’t even imagine, but I want the good of him even if he has to be far from me,” the singer said in an interview with Hugo Gloss.

Recently, Luísa made a promise to subscribers via Twitter, during the fall of applications. The famous said she took a personal stance, using netizens as evidence.

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