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Luísa Sonza questions why she has ‘bad taste’ in men



Luísa Sonza, 23, opened up about her love life. The singer questioned herself for always relating to the wrong men and asked the reason for her bad taste.

In a post on Twitter, the singer asked the question: “Why do I have such bad taste in men, huh?”.

Then, a series of followers commented on Luísa’s publication. Jokingly, many asked her to give it a go and others recalled the singer’s previous relationships. Therefore, other users of the social network argued that the singer should invest more in relationships with women.

“I’m glad you know, you won’t repeat that mistake again,” one fan commented. “Why don’t you date Bianca Andrade? If I did, I would have good taste”, asked a Twitter user. “Because life hasn’t given you the opportunity to get to know me yet,” joked a young man.

The singer was married to comedian Whindersson Nunes between 2018 and 2020. Soon after the end of the relationship, she started dating Vitão.

Yesterday, Luísa joked about a prediction about finding her soulmate this year. The message read: “Luísa Sonza will begin a relationship with her true soulmate this year. A happy and lasting relationship awaits.”

The singer jumped on the bandwagon and asked everyone to cheer for the omen to actually happen. “Guys, please, my moment. My God, everyone in prayer. Let’s go,” she wrote.

Today, the singer reacted to a report by presenter Angélica on the podcast “Quem Pode, Pod”, led by Fernanda Paes Leme and Giovanna Ewbank.

Luciano Huck’s wife stated that she had much more sex than Giovanna Ewbank. When watching an excerpt of the chat, the singer admitted to being more relaxed, as well as Bruno Gagliasso’s wife. In a post on Instagram, Luísa spoke about people deducing that her life is more similar to that of Luciano Huck’s wife. “People swear I’m Angelica, but I’m very Giovanna Ewbank”, said the singer.

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