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Make Ends Meet is a puzzler with resource management elements that’s available now for iOS and Android | Articles



Make Ends Meet is a puzzler from Zwinzler Games that’s available now for both iOS and Android. It sports an aesthetic that’s been inspired by advertisements found during the Roaring ’20s as well as minimalism.

That means you can expect a smooth jazz soundtrack alongside encountering sleazy businessmen and capitalism. The aim of the game is to draw a piece of rope around a collection of different coloured circles. Each series will consist of multiple levels and will require you to collect varying amounts of colours within your length of rope and the ends of it must always meet.

The catch is you’ll only have a certain amount of rope to use on each series, so that means the whole collection of levels, not just individually. That means you’ll need to make sparing use of it. There are also a few power-ups to make use of as well if you’re struggling. For instance, there’s a cat paw that will swipe one of the circles, allowing you to gather more of that colour without using up all your rope.

There’s also an element of resource management to consider beyond the usage of your rope. If you complete a series by collecting more than you needed, those colours can then be saved for another time, potentially saving you from running out of rope. If you do completely run out, however, there’s also the option of taking out a loan.

This loan will have to be paid back with interest at some point, however, so you’ll want to be sure before opting to go down this route. Part of Zwinzler’s intention of this feature is to explore inequality and predatory loans, so you know that taking it is likely to be a bad decision at some point.

Make Ends Meet is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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