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Mara Maravilha scandalizes by exposing addictions she can’t let go: “Coca and sex”



Mara Maravilha scandalizes in an interview by giving details of addictions that she cannot remove from her life at all

Mara Maravilha spoke on the night of this Monday (18) when giving an interview to the Venus Podcast, on Youtube. That’s because, without mouthing the tongue, the SBT contractor gave details of the vices she has in her life and can’t let go.

The presenter explained that she leads a very healthy lifestyle, without alcohol or cigarettes in her daily life. However, she made it clear that she can’t do without two things in her routine: sex and Coke.

“Guys, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, but this one… Forgive me!”joked Mara Maravilha, drawing laughter from the hostesses by pointing to the glass. “Is it your addiction?”questioned Criss Paiva. “This here [refrigerante] and sex”said.

“But they are two vices less [preocupantes]. Somewhere we have to vent, right? Let it be on Coke and sex then”, opined Criss. “And in my son too. He is my greatest treasure”added the famous.


On the night of this Monday (18), the ex-BBB Vivian Amorim vented on his Instagram about the charges he has been receiving after giving birth to his first daughter, little crazy. Upset, the influencer reiterated the charges she has been receiving for being missing from the web in recent months.

“‘Oh, but you’re really missing, you don’t have a life anymore, you only talk about Malu, you just stay with her all day…’ These are some of the many things I read around here and I don’t even waste my time taking prints or answering because I made my choice as soon as I found out I was pregnant”began the presenter.

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