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Marcos Mion debuts as Globo presenter at Criança Esperança



Marcos Mion with Fabiana Karla on the stage of Criança Esperança

Marcos Mion with Fabiana Karla on the stage of Criança Esperança

The debut of Marcos Mion as a presenter on Saturday afternoons at Globo, at Caldeirão, ended up being anticipated this Sunday (22), during the Mesão do Criança Esperança. With a slightly troubled start, after forgetting the badge for the entrance, the presenter led the attraction during the breaks of Fantástico.

“I’m considered the happiest Brazilian alive today on the internet!”, joked the presenter.

After years at Record, staying ahead of even the main reality show of the network, Marcos Mion was very happy to sign the contract with the new house. Calls for the new program, now just called “Caldeirão” are already circulating through the channel’s grid.

Marcos Mion is one more among the names that Globo is putting ahead of the presentation of its Criança Esperança special, during breaks in the entire program. Among the names have already passed Fábio Porchart, Ana Furtado and Camila de Lucas.

The program, led by Marcos Mion, on Globo, opens on September 4th.

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