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Maria Luisa Mendonça suffers from domestic violence in Secret Truth 2: ‘Doído’ · TV News



Interpreter of Araídes in Verdades Secretas 2, Maria Luisa Mendonça will be responsible for portraying domestic violence in the sequel to Walcyr Carrasco’s soap opera, which begins this Wednesday 20 at Globoplay. In the plot, the actress will be the wife of Nicolau (Julio Machado) and the mother of Lara (Júlia Byrro). “Painful drama,” defined the artist of the story.

“I was building the character with subtleties. Often, emotional abuse is as destructive as physical abuse. So I was very focused to get into those layers, ”said the performer.

“In Araídes’ case, she hides out of fear, like most women. And she also has her daughter who watches all this violence. The plot is also built on their relationship, “said Maria Luisa in an interview with the column. Patricia Kogut, of the newspaper O Globo.

In addition to the physical and psychological violence practiced against the women, Nicolau will also rape his teenage stepdaughter, who will leave the house after the abuse to work with a pink book.

“It’s a psychological drama, something very violent. We work with a difficult atmosphere, a painful, suffering, real and contemporary drama. But the question is to go there and work, that’s the job. think i can bring other people who love each other to life.

Secret Truths 2 will feature 50 chapters, with ten-episode block releases every two weeks. On Globo’s streaming platform, the premieres will take place this Wednesday, November 3 and 17, and December 1 and 15.

The series will have more sex scenes than episodes. In total, there are 67 hot sequences. When it airs on open TV, the soap opera will gain a lighter version, as predicted by news channel. The replay of the 2015 version will continue on television until December.

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