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Maria Maya takes on new love after breaking up with Laryssa Ayres



It didn’t take long and Maria Maya took on a new love after breaking up with actress Laryssa Ayres, with whom she stayed for about three years. Two months after the breakup, the actress and director showed that she is in a relationship with commercial manager Amanda Labrego.

This Sunday (22/8), they were together in a cafe in São Paulo and Wolf Maya’s daughter showed in Stories on Instagram the moment together, with kisses. The two were already exchanging passionate statements on social media. “All my love. Heart can’t take it”, commented the actress in a photo posted by Amanda.

The romance is one of the reasons that made Maria Maya — daughter of directors Cininha de Paula and Wolf Maya — spend more time in São Paulo, where she also directs a series for the internet.

Breakup with Laryssa

In June of this year, the relationship between Maria Maya and Laryssa Ayres came to an end. It was the first relationship with another woman that the actress and director publicly assumed. They even lived together, adopted two dogs, but in 2020, during the pandemic, they decided that each one needed to have their own space.

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