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Marília Mendonça died of multiple trauma in the plane crash, concludes Civil Police



Investigators are working with two hypotheses for the causes of the accident: collision with electric cables and engine failure

Reproduction / Young Pan NewsMarília Mendonça’s plane fell in a waterfall while taking the singer to a concert in Caratinga (MG)

THE Civil Police in minas Gerais (PC-MG) concluded that Marilia Mendonca died of blunt multiple trauma, along with the four other people on board the plane that crashed in Caratinga (MG) on November 5. In addition to the singer, they died in the Plane crash the pilot, Geraldo Medeiros; the co-pilot, Tarciso Viana; producer Henrique Ribeiro; and Marília’s uncle and advisor, Abicieli Silveira Dias Filho. According to Barcelos forensic scientist Thales Bittencourt, the deaths occurred from the aircraft’s impact with the ground, only after everyone was on the ground. The delegate Ivan Lopes Sales said he heard a pilot who was on his way to the same destination, 20 minutes after Marília’s plane, who spoke with the colleague of the plane carrying the singer, without any problem. is not reported. This ruled out the possibility that the plane was hit by a gunshot or that the pilot had an illness that caused him to pass out.

From now on, the Civil Police are working with two avenues of investigation: the hypothesis that the collision with the electricity transmission lines of the Minas Gerais Electric Company (Cemig) caused the accident; and the possibility of engine failure, which depends on an analysis by the National Center for Air Accident Investigation and Prevention (Cenipa), which is ongoing but has no date to be concluded. Cemig has already confirmed that there was a collision with an electric cable, although it claims that the towers are located outside the perimeter established by law for protection around airports. “We are not ruling out any possibility. But there are strong indications that the transmission lines were the cause of the accident, ”said delegate Ivan Lopes Sales. However, the person responsible for the investigation said that it is not possible to attribute responsibility to the company. The plane was taking Marília Mendonça to a concert in Caratinga and crashed just two minutes before landing.

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