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Marília’s posthumous EP will be released this week



The movement on Marília Mendonça’s Instagram account intrigued fans this Wednesday afternoon (7/20). The change in the profile picture and the enigmatic phrase “Royal Decrees” in the official profile bio of the eternal Queen of Sofrência generated speculation that a project in the name of the singer was to come. The LeoDias column went to investigate and found that Royal Decrees is a compilation of projects designed by the singer before she left and that her office now assumes the responsibility to implement.

The first of them will be the release of an EP with four tracks extracted from the live that will be available on the eve of Marília’s birthday, this Thursday (7/21) at 9pm. The repertoire will be mixed with great hits from the sertanejo, such as the tracks Te Amo Demais and Não Era Pra Ser Assim – original versions with Leonardo and Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano and others from the Marília Mendonça encyclopedia: Sendo Assim, recorded by Genivaldo Santos in 1976, I Love You, What Else Can I Say, success in the voice of the iconic Sheep and Very Strange (Dalto). All releases will be grouped in the EP called Decretos Reales Vol.1.


In addition to this release, the meeting of friends will also be available on the channel of Dona Ruth, mother of Marília Mendonça, which was recorded in the presence of great names in the country, who paid tribute to their friend and remembered moments lived together. The night was surrounded by stories and lots and lots of music, which was in charge of João Gustavo, Marília’s brother, and his partner Dom Vitor, Hugo & Guilherme, Murilo Huff, Maiara & Maraisa, Vitor & Luan, Luiza (who made duo with Maurílio) and Henrique Castro. Due to recent recordings Henrique & Juliano could not attend, but they were still remembered through the big screen.

The advisory also confirms that in addition to these, other “royal decrees” of the singer will be duly complied with throughout the year. “Ruth Moreira, Marília’s mother, Wander Oliveira (the artist’s manager since the age of 13), Gravadora Som Livre, her legion of fans and all of us who live with Marília Mendonça are committed to ensuring that her “Decrees” are fulfilled, her dreams continue to be fulfilled and may his name continue to be perpetuated over time”, they said.

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