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Massive Changes To The Battle Pass In Fortnite Season 7 



In Season 7 Battle Pass, the big crossover skins are Rick and Morty and Superman, with the whole theme of the Battle Pass to do with aliens. Fortnite’s Battle Pass changes every Season. But how you gain the different items in the Battle Pass has remained the same. You gain experience and go up through the levels, and with that, you earn the various items. It is also possible to spend V-Bucks and get the whole Battle Pass straight away, but where is the fun in that. 

How has the Battle Pass changed? 

The Battle Pass has now changed, and you still level up, but it now has different tiers. Where you gain stars every time, you level up. Then you use the stars to pick what you want to unlock in that tier.

You gain access to a new tier when you reach a certain level and unlock a certain amount of items. For all Rick and Morty fans out there, the top prize is currently worth nine stars and is on the last tier. 

Is the new Tier System better? 

The new tier system is an amazingly original idea in the Battle Royale genre. The fact that you can now pick what you want in each tier is excellent. It’s especially good where V-Bucks are available on the list as most will go for the first due to them being worth actual money.

After years of Fortnite, the Battle Pass had become pretty boring. This is something new that keeps it very fresh for the coming seasons. 

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