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Meeting with ambassadors: lottery appoints Rosa Weber as rapporteur for Bolsonaro’s investigation request



At the meeting, the president divulged falsehoods by attacking the electoral system without evidence, which provoked reactions from civil society institutions and authorities.

Although the name of Rosa Weber was drawn, the case must be forwarded to the office of the president of the STF, Luiz Fux, due to the recess of the Judiciary.

Fux is responsible for all new requests that reach the Supreme with a claim of urgency. Rosa Weber, vice-president of the STF, is taking care of the processes that already made up the collection until this month.

In the next few days, Fux can expedite this process if he considers that there is some urgency in the case. If that doesn’t happen, the case should be transferred to Rosa Weber’s office at the end of the recess.

The practice, in the Federal Supreme Court, has been for the rapporteur to forward the request to the Attorney General’s Office, since it is up to the institution to decide whether to request the initiation of formal investigations of authorities with privileged jurisdiction.

PGR must decide whether Bolsonaro will be investigated after meeting with ambassadors

PGR must decide whether Bolsonaro will be investigated after meeting with ambassadors

In other investigation requests in which Bolsonaro was the target, Rosa Weber sent the cases to the PGR based on the court’s internal rules.

In the request, the parliamentarians argued that the president committed administrative impropriety, abuse of political and economic power, a crime against the Democratic State and made early electoral propaganda. They also claimed that the president used the office to undermine the democratic order.

“The represented cannot use the position of President of the Republic to subvert and attack the democratic order, seeking to create real chaos in the country and destabilize public institutions”, says the text.

In addition to going to the Supreme Court, opposition parties and parliamentarians triggered the Superior Electoral Court against Bolsonaro’s conduct. In the requests, they highlighted that the action can constitute abuse of political power and use of the public machine to unbalance the electoral dispute.

International press echoes Bolsonaro's attacks on the polls during a meeting with ambassadors

International press echoes Bolsonaro’s attacks on the polls during a meeting with ambassadors

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