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Minas Gerais cities cancel New Year and Carnival parties fearing new wave of Covid



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Dozens of cities in Minas Gerais have decided to cancel New Year’s Eve and Carnival fearing the fourth wave of covid-19, which is already invading Europe. In an exclusive interview with Itatiaia this Wednesday (24), Governor Romeu Zema declared that the 2022 festivities are still an open question.

See the situation in the regions of Minas

South of Minas

Some town halls in southern Minas have officially announced that they will not hold public events on New Year’s Eve and Carnival. Poços de Caldas maintains fireworks at the end of the year, but without artistic attractions. For Carnival, private establishments are authorized to organize events, but none will be promoted by the town hall. Gonçalves and Paraisópolis have also canceled the festivities. In Brasópolis, the traditional giant puppets of the festivities will not be paraded in 2022. In Borda da Mata, the town hall announced that the funds from the Carnival would be used for new actions to control the pandemic. In Cambuí, famous for its blocks, in Sapucaí Mirim and in Córrego do Bom Jesus, which has early festivities, the carnival has also been canceled. In Varginha, the city decided on Wednesday (24) that New Year’s Eve will only have fireworks. A meeting this Thursday (25) will decide on the Carnival.

Mining triangle

In the Triângulo Mineiro, private New Year’s parties are allowed, but the rules of distancing and hygiene to fight against the coronavirus must be respected. Speaking of carnival, many cities are planning to hold public events, but they still haven’t confirmed the celebrations.


Wood area

In Zona da Mata, many towns still decide on New Year’s Eve and Carnival. Regarding the end of year party, Chácara, Rio Pomba, Lima Duarte, Nepomuceno and Ubá will not be hosting the event. Juiz de Fora and Matias Barbosa are in the definition phase. Regarding Folia de Momo, Chácara, Rio Pomba, Rio Novo, São João Nepomuceno and Ubá are in the process of being defined. Juiz de Fora has set up a working group to discuss the case. The same goes for Lima Duarte, where a commission is analyzing the situation.

North of Minas

North of Minas, the cities with the greatest tradition are Januária, Brasília de Minas and Pirapora. In none of them will there be a New Year’s Eve party promoted by town halls. Meetings are to be held in the next few days to decide on the Carnival.

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