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Minecraft Stuck on Loading Screen – How to Fix



If you are trying to play Minecraft and the game keeps getting stuck on a loading screen, you are not alone. Countless players encounter loading screen issues in Minecraft. That said, the Minecraft getting stuck on the loading screen issue can be solved by performing a series of troubleshooting steps. 

Restart the Minecraft Launcher

Restarting the Minecraft Launcher should be your first step on the road to fixing the stuck Minecraft loading screen issue. You can restart the Minecraft Launcher by following the steps laid out below: 

How to Restart the Minecraft Launcher on PC

To restart the Minecraft Launcher on PC, you must open the Task Manager. You can open the Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE. After pressing the three keys, you need to click Task manager from the screen that will appear. Doing so will open the Task Manager, and you can restart the Minecraft Launcher by finding the exe under the Task Manger’s Processes tab. Under the Processes tab, look for and end both the minecraftlauncher.exe, and javaw.exe. You can end both exes by right-clicking them and selecting the end task option. 

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Update Graphics Drivers

Sometimes outdated Graphics drivers can be why PC users are encountering problems with Minecraft getting stuck on loading screens. Luckily outdated drivers are fixed by going through the process of updating them.

How to update your Graphics Driver on PC

To update your Graphics Driver, download the most updated version from your card’s manufacturer’s site. If you are an AMD user, you must head to AMD Driver and support. For Nvidia users, you need to download your driver at Nivida Geforce Drivers. At both sites, you can download your card’s driver by filling out the categories provided with your card’s name. After downloading the latest driver, we recommend next downloading the program DDU. DDU is a helpful program for cleanly uninstalling Graphics Driver for PCs, so download the program and then run it to uninstall your Graphics Driver. Once your Graphics Driver is uninstalled, install the updated Graphics Driver.

Disable Discord’s Overlay

Discord’s overlay is another potential reason Minecraft is not loading correctly, as the overlay can sometimes interfere with Minecraft launching. 

How to Disable Discord Overlay

You can disable the Discord Overlay by going into Discord settings by pressing the gear icon at the bottom left inside the left. Under settings, scroll down and find Activity settings. You can find the option to turn off overlay under the Activity settings tab. 

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Update Windows

Another potential issue causing problems with Minecraft launching could be outdated copies of Windows. Luckily outdated Windows installs are easy to fix using the steps below: 

How to update Windows 10 or 11

To update Windows 10, you will need to run a search for an update. Start by typing update into the Windows search bar at the bottom left of your screen. Typing update will make an option called Check for Updates appear, click it and proceed to the next screen. On the next screen, press the button that says Check for Updates and install any updates you might be missing when they appear. 

End Runtimebroker

Another potential fix for Minecraft loading screen errors is to end Runtimerbroker. You can end Runtimerbroker by following the steps below:

How to end Runtimebroker on PC

You can end Runtimebroker by opening the Task Manager after launching Minecraft. When you find Runtimebroker, right-click and click end task. After ending Runtimebroker on PC, you can also try uninstalling apps that use Runtimebroker to fix the Minecraft loading screen issue. To uninstall apps that use Runtimebroker, run a search for Windows Powershell and run it as administrator. When Windows Powershell is running, copy this command into the app Get-AppxPackage *photos* | Remove-AppxPackage. Copying the command will uninstall the Windows Photo app which causes problems with Minecraft loading.

Reinstall Minecraft

One method to solve any issues with loading Minecraft is reinstalling the game. However, we recommend saving this one for the last option when all else fails. 

How to Reinstall Minecraft on PC and Consoles

On consoles, you can uninstall the game by going to the game in your Library and finding the uninstall option. Once uninstalled, redownload the game by finding it in your game’s Library again. For PC users, you will need to follow a few more steps to uninstall the game. First, locate the Control Panel on your PC. You can find the Control Panel by typing it into the search bar at the bottom left of your screen. 

When you find the Control Panel open it and then find Program and Features. Under Program and Features, you can uninstall Minecraft off your PC. Once the game is uninstalled, you are still not done. You will need to delete the Minecraft folder next. You can find the Minecraft folder in AppData, find it and delete it. After deleting the folder in Appdata, restart your PC and download and reinstall Minecraft.

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