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Minister of Justice rejects Anvisa’s suggestion and says that Brazil will not require proof of vaccination from travelers



The agency called for changes in border policy and recommended compulsory certificates for entry into the country; Anderson Torres says vaccinations “do not prevent disease transmission”

Fátima Meira / Futura Press / Estadão ContentAnderson Torres addressed the press at a delivery ceremony for equipment for the National Border Security Program

After National health watch agency (Anvisa) recommend the requirement for the vaccine against Covid-19 for entry into Brazil, the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Anderson towers, told reporters that the federal government rejected the idea. According to Torres, the measure is not necessary because the vaccine “does not prevent the transmission of the disease”. It is he, along with two other ministers (Marcelo Queiroga, of Health, and Ciro Nogueira, of the Civil House), who determines the rules of border control during the coronavirus pandemic.

Anvisa released two technical notes on Thursday 25, recommending the requirement to vaccine for the entry of travelers. In one of them, which deals with entry by land, autarky recommends the liberation of foreigner who have completed the vaccination cycle for at least 14 days. Today, the country does not allow the entry of people from other countries by highways or any other land means. The unvaccinated, if they want to enter the national territory, must use the air mode, in which the controls are more adequate ”, asks Anvisa. The only exception concerns professionals carrying out the activity of transporting goods, who remain exempt from the fee for vaccination and diagnostic tests.

In the other note, which speaks of air transport, the agency calls for a review of Brazilian border policy, “in particular for the inclusion of the fee for proof of vaccination”. The idea is “to encourage Brazil not to become one of the favorite countries for tourists and unvaccinated travelers”. Anvisa cites four measures that can be taken to mitigate the risk of transmission and health problems resulting from international passenger transport by air: full vaccination, testing for vaccinated and unvaccinated, self-quarantine for unvaccinated, and health declaration for all travelers. The agency recommends that only vaccinations approved by the municipality or by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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