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MLBB All Star Showdown 2022 Featuring a Clash of Fan-Favorite SEA Personalities



The upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) All Star Showdown 2022 will feature five days of action-packed matches between popular MLBB streamers, influencers, and pro players from all over Southeast Asia (SEA). As part of the 515 M-World event, the All Star Showdown 2022 marks the first time that an MLBB Philippine (PH) All Star squad will play against other All Star teams from the five SEA regions, namely Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Singapore. Popular actress Sue Ramirez will serve as the star manager of the PH team in the MLBB All Star Showdown 2022. The first stage will kick off on 7th May leading to a grand finals match on 15th May.

Tournament Format

For the Domestic Stage of the MLBB All Star Showdown 2022, four teams will be divided into two groups. Each team will play against one another in three games within their respective groups. The winners shall advance to the upper bracket and the losers shall move to the lower bracket. The top teams from each bracket will compete in the final round to determine who will represent their respective regions in the next stage of the All Star Showdown.

For the international stage, the six national teams will be divided into two groups, Group A and Group B. The teams in the two groups will play in a round-robin format. The top two teams from each group will proceed to the semifinals where the winners will be settled via a BO3 series.

The semifinal winners will battle each other in the SEA Grand Finals on May 15, where the teams will play a BO3 series to determine the champion.

Where to watch the MLBB All Star Showdown 2022

Matches will be live-streamed on the following streaming platforms of MLBB;

It will be interesting to see which region will reign as the champion in the upcoming MLBB All Star Showdown 2022.

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