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Moa and Rebeca face off during a hearing for Chiquinho’s guard




Moa (Marcelo Serrado) and Rebeca (Mariana Santos) will argue in front of the judge and expose a difficult relationship in the next chapters of “Cara e Coragem”

Face and Courage: Moa (Marcelo Serrado) fights for the custody of his son
© Globe/Fábio RochaFace and Courage: Moa (Marcelo Serrado) fights for the custody of his son

The atmosphere is tense during the first hearing by the guard of Chiquinho (Guilherme Tavares) in ‘Cara e Coragem’. In scenes that will air from this Thursday (14)with an exchange of barbs and heated moods, Moa (Marcelo Serrado) and Rebeca (Mariana Santos) argue in front of the judge and cannot hide their difficult relationship.

To try to attack her ex, Rebeca announces to the judge that Moa and Andréa Pratini (Maria Eduarda de Carvalho) are having an affair. The news, however, does not have any effect in her favor., but it leaves Moa outraged. Accompanied by his lawyer (Miwa Yanagizawa), the stuntman still tries to control himself and not give in to the provocations of Danilo’s wife (Ricardo Pereira).

After the explanations, the judge announces the decision: the provisional custody of Chiquinho will be shared, with Rebeca having the right to stay with her son on weekends. The result takes both Moa and Rebeca by surprise. The stuntman believed he had a chance to remain as he is and Rebeca was already planning her daily life with the child. A new hearing will be scheduled later. Moa leaves the place devastated and Rebeca shows that she will not give up.

In previous chapters…

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, an action romantic comedy packed with adventure and mysteries, and created and written by Claudia Souto with artistic direction by Natalia Grimberg, the attraction between Pat (Paolla Oliveira) and Moa (Marcelo Serrado) is visible and notorious from the beginning of the plotand has been drawing the attention of the public that follows the plot on Globo.

The stuntmen try to hide and disguise the feelings they have for each other in ‘Face and Courage’, so much so that at some point in the past, a night between the two had to be forgotten and ‘buried’. It’s a forbidden subject between them, though Moa enjoys reminiscing about that intimate moment, much to Pat’s dismay.

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