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Before we delve into the specific roles in MOBA games, there is one thing that is the same in most MOBAs … the goal.

From watching different MOBAs play and playing them myself, the characters and setting may be different, but the way to get there is the same.

The goal of a MOBA

The goal in MOBA games is always the same. To push lanes, gain experience and take down towers on three lanes to allow your minions to take the core.

It sounds simple enough, but it is more of a joust than a race. There is a great deal of strategy.

Know when to fight and when to run. When to help teammates and when to leave them alone. The angle at which initiated a fight.

Most of these things show better with the experience of the game. Come in, play, die hard and see what works and what doesn’t.

The more you play with different mechanics and combos, the better you will get at a faster pace.

Mobile Legends is a great entry to the genre if you want to try it for free on a mobile device before moving on to more challenging games.

How to improve

The first and perhaps the most important thing you have to do is choose the right class. Most MOBAs have a classic or unrated mode that you can play.

Here you can try your new heroes and play in a low pressure situation to see what you’re good at.

Take advantage of not only this, but also in-game tutorials, videos, and the way other players use the character. Being an observer is important.

There are five roles, which I will get to in another article, and within these roles, there are sub-roles.

Make sure to see what characters are good at and what they’re not good at when choosing a character to buy. All characters in a class do not play the same.

Also, be realistic about your skill level. With this, I want to know what are your strengths and weaknesses.

For me, I’m good at the center lane, support / tank and jungle. I know that the roles of marksman and fighter are not my strong point, so I am more cautious with them.

Lastly, see what other players do with the characters, especially the ones you play with. Remember that you are not the best player and that you can always learn more.

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