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MobaZane Thinks That the Pause Issue Is a Bad Excuse for Indonesia



BloodThirstyKings’ (BTK) team captain Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun shared his thoughts on the controversial finals match in the 31st Southeast Asia (SEA) Games Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) event. The North American (NA) pro player expressed his disappointment when the Indonesian (ID) team was beaten by the Philippines (PH) team, which essentially had two rookies in its main roster alongside three veteran players. MobaZane explained that the current meta may not be compatible with the Indonesian team’s very aggressive playstyle. The BTK Team captain also discussed how the pause issue during the grand finals match was a bad excuse for the Indonesian squad to lose against the Philippines team.

BTK MobaZane is disappointed with Indonesia’s performance in the 31st SEA Games MLBB event

Through a livestream, one of the most popular North American (NA) pro players MobaZane talked about the most controversial MLBB match in the biannual event. According to him “PH won with two rookies, that’s pretty embarrassing [for ID team], man.”

He further explained that the current meta involves teams being more objective-focused rather than being aggressive and seeking team fights. This kind of playstyle worked wonders for the PH teams as “that has always been [the] strength of the Filipinos [MLBB players].”

MobaZane added that “Indonesians are very aggressive. They’re good at team fighting, usually, and that’s just not this meta, plus the adjustments like an assassin player going to [play] tank.” He thinks this is why the ID pro player Albert “Alberttt” Neilsen Iskandar struggled to adjust his playstyle as the jungler.

MobaZane comments on the 31st SEA Games Pause Controversy

The issue regarding the to distract its opponents, caused quite an uproar in the MLBB community. Fans have started calling this issue the “Meta PHause.”

MobaZane was one of the pro players who was rooting for the Indonesian MLBB team to win in the biannual event. “I thought for sure they were gonna win and then they just get 3-1 [by PH team].” The NA pro player stated that this unexpected outcome made it hard for him to root for the Indonesian team in future tournaments.

When fans asked him about the Meta PHause issue, MobaZane thought that was simply a community joke. However, if fans did believe that was the reason, he said “I think that’s a bad excuse for losing [against] two amateurs [from PH team]”

The concluded with the Philippines team securing the Gold medal win while the Indonesian team went home with a Silver medal.

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