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Mobile Gaming Review: RAID: Shadow Legends



Plarium RAID: Shadow Legends is a role-playing game mostly for a player who has A competitive aspect. If it sounds familiar, the game fell on Android and iOS in 2019. In mobile gaming circles, this game is known for how aggressive advertising is.

Ads for RAID: Shadow Legends appear in other games, on social media and even on YouTube. In fact, if you run a YouTuber Ads in your content, you can probably get a promo code from them as they will probably announce the game.

If not, then Plarium another game Vikings get love publicity. Anyway, I’d seen him promoted a lot, and finally, I gave up and I installed it for Android.

RAID: Shadow Legends

This game really offers graphics. It’s one of the best look mobile games. The style of the characters is more in line with the fantasy but with a realistic touch. Normally, you get 2D characters, they are often inspired by anime. I am not going to say Plarium He pioneered this graphic approach, but it is rare for this type of game and helps it stand out.

Beyond that, it plays like many other RPGs and mobile strategy games. You have an energy bar that determines how much you play at a time before it fills up again. On the Home screen, the Bastion, you will notice two main options for Champions or Characters and Battle.

Now Battle is self explanatory. You are going to the Battle screen where you can select the Campaign. Here, you are greeted by a map with various locations increasing in level. Each one has seven levels, one is a boss level. Battles at each level take place in three waves, allowing a team of one to four champions.

You must delete each location before opens but you can get loot from each level. It can be equipment, champions, or summoning crystals ranging from ordinary to rare. You also earn cash in each battle.

The other Battle options include dungeons that provide truly useful gear and crystals of at least rare quality, potions needed to ascend. It’s easier to cultivate what you’re looking for, as each Dungeon shows which loot is likely to fall.

There are also the Arena and the Clan that serve as PvP item and a Battle option to progress through stages using particular faction champions.

Mobile Games Review: 8/10 (Recommended)

There are so many other things in this game that I it did not get into. There is champion management, search for weapon sets, different types of champions – there is a lot to do in this RAID: Shadow Legends. All of this will keep you busy and busy. It is even better if you are a new player or a lax player because you end up with excess energy to play.

I would say this is an easy 9/10 game but Plarium It is as aggressive in pressuring players to engage in microtransactions for more money, crystals, gear, or summons as they are with its advertising.

When you open the game every time, you will see that you have three or four pop-ups for something that they are promoting.

On that note, the key is to tap near the upper right corner around where the Tavern would be on the Bastion screen. Because these pop-up windows appear one after another after closing them. Wait if you are about to fight or check your champions.

Those options are at the bottom right of the screen where the buy or buy button would be.

This is not even professional advice, just avoid the impact of accidentally hitting “Buy” and see that you are about to pay $ 30 for in-game currency and other things on mobile.

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