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Mobile Legends added to Menpora Esports Cup 2020



The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Indonesia (Kemenpora or Menpora for short), in collaboration with the IESPL (Indonesian Esports Premier League), leads the Axis Menpora Esports Cup 2020 of August 17 to October 13, 2020. The cup, which debuted in 2013, is aimed at students and student groups and includes sports like soccer. Previously, the Menpora had also organized the 2019 National Youth Esport Championship which featured the Arena of bravery and free fire. This year, Mobile Legends has been added to the titles of the Menpora Esports 2020 Axis Cup. The Menpora Esports Cup 2020 offers a total prize pool of 150,000,000 Indonesian rupees. The tournament will start on Monday August 17, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. WIB. Registration began August 1, 2020.

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The Menpora Esports Cup 2020

Axis Menpora Esports Cup 2020 set to end 10,000 participants, or 2,048 eSports teams, compete. The students will be rshowcase their schools and educational institutions for a title photo. With locks and health protocols, the whole series of The Menpora Esports Cup 2020 will take place online. Registration began on August 1 and the tournament is open to college, high school and university students. “We will start on August 17th. As the qualifying round begins on October 3-4Said Giring Ganesha, co-founder and president of IESPL. Giring has been appointed General Manager of the Menpora Esports Cup 2020.

The official IESPL Instagram account tweeted:

The post says the AXIS Menpora Esports 2020 Trophy will start soon! Hurry up and enroll the best team from your school / university and be the best in Indonesia! Register your team at

In a statement, Giring thanked the Menpora for their confidence in his appointment as the organizer of the Menpora Esports Cup 2020. Giring also said that Menpora is leading this cup to find new talent. The matches that will take place will be played in accordance with security protocols and the Menpora will continue to publicize the precautionary measures to be taken during these times. Giring Ganesha said he hopes the Menpora Esports Cup 2020 will be a benchmark for hosting esports tournaments in the current crisis. Outside of IESPL, Samsung has also joined the group as an official sponsor of the Menpora Esports Cup. The Samsung Galaxy A71 will be the official device for the tournament. The champions of the Menpora Cup 2020 will receive Samsung Galaxy A71s.

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