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Mobile Legends Creator Camp: What is it and How to Join



Mobile Legends Creator Camp is a platform established by Moonton designed to help Mobile Legends: Bang Bang content creators produce high quality content. The MLBB Creator Camp does this by providing resources, materials, and tips and advice provided by top ML content creators such as Akosi Dogie and ChooxTV. Benefits include official Mobile Legends social media grip support, interaction and collaboration with other popular ML content creators, exclusive member rewards, and more. This is a perfect opportunity to meet content creators and build a community of Mobile Legends enthusiasts who are passionate about the game. Here are details on how you can join Mobile Legends Creator Camp.

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What is Mobile Legends Creator Camp?

Mobile Legends Creator Camp is a community that aims to help aspiring content creators by providing them with the necessary resources they need. As long as you have a creative mind and are ready to learn and create Mobile Legends content, Mobile Legends Creator Camp will provide you with the help you need as well as rewards such as an exclusive profile border, Limited edition skins and access to advanced features. server.

Benefits of Joining MLBB Creator CampBenefits of Joining MLBB Creator Camp

Here are the benefits you can get by joining the Mobile Legends Creator Camp;

  • Support for official Mobile Legends social media handles
  • Interactive community of creators
  • Weekly Diamond Reward
  • Official game merchandise
  • Offline Events
  • Tons of skins
  • Brand collaboration
  • Advertising promotion

How to join the Mobile Legends Creator Camp

The main conditions for joining the community are as follows;

  • Enjoy playing Mobile Legends
  • Have a channel on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok or Instagram.
  • Likes to create content / eager to learn how to create content

If you think you have these qualities, you can go to the official website, join the official Discord server, and fill out this application form to get started. The community doesn’t accept applicants all the time, so you’ll need to be diligent when they are open to new applications.

After completing the request form, you must complete weekly missions and earn rewards. Different missions will be offered each week and will be evaluated according to your style, your creativity and your audience. Each creator who submits their content will receive 50 diamonds and another 50 if you are one of the first 100 to submit your content. Content considered “excellent work” will receive 150 diamonds, while content considered “best work” will receive 500 diamonds.

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Fast-growing ML content creators will have the chance to become Moonton’s Key Opinion Leader (KOL), Beta Tester, Official Creative Content Recommendation, Contract Operation, and multiple other benefits.

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