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Mobile Legends Kicks Off Skin Design Competition



Moonton announced the second skin design competition for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Interested participants can submit their designs from July 15 to August 12, 2020. Each design will be judged on a variety of parameters and the winner will have the chance to have their skin introduced into the game in 2021. There are also additional categories that have associated rewards.

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Calendar and format of the skin design competition

Drawings can be submitted from July 15 to August 12. Once the submission is completed, a first round of selection will be made and the selected works will be put to the vote.

From August 13 to 28, a selection process will select the best designs. All works will be screened and selected based on aspects such as concepts, colors, costumes, overall effect, etc.

The best skins will be submitted to public vote from September 4 to 13 and a winner will be announced 2 weeks later. All skin design works that qualify to vote will be awarded “participation” prizes.

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Prizes will be awarded in a number of categories:

  • Best design (one):The skin design job will have a chance to be accepted by the MLBB official and online in the game in 2021.

10,000 diamonds;

All Starlight skins in 2019;

Avatar Border “MGL Artist”;

8,000 diamonds;

The winner of the “Best Popularity” will be determined solely by the result of the vote. If there are several participants with the highest number of votes, all of them can obtain “Best Popularity” prizes.

“MGL Artist” avatar border

5,000 diamonds;

“MGL Artist” avatar border

3000 diamonds;

“MGL Artist” avatar border

  • Pparticipation in voting (all skin design work qualified for voting):

1000 diamonds;

“MGL Artist” avatar border

To participate in the MLBB click here.

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