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Mobile Legends Mega Diamonds Event: Win Up to 300,000 Diamonds



The Mobile Legends Mega Diamonds event is back. This is the perfect opportunity for players to win up to 300,000 diamonds for as little as ten diamonds per ticket. Players can participate by purchasing entry tickets worth ten diamonds for the raffle from the event menu. Players will need to enter a 5-digit number and submit their application before the start of the announcement phase. The grand prize increases if no one wins the grand prize in each round. Players who are lucky and guess all the winning numbers will receive the grand prize of 300,000 diamonds. Here are more details about the Mega Diamonds event in Mobile Legends.

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Mobile Legends Mega Diamonds event details

The Mega Diamonds event offers a grand prize of 300,000 diamonds that players can guess from the five numbers in the draw. The event will last until March 3, 2021. Players can spend ten Diamonds to get a Rare Skin Shard and a chance to choose a 5-digit combination between 0 and 49. These numbers cannot be repeated.

Each round of the event lasts one day and will consist of three phases in each round:

  • Purchase – players can purchase up to 2 raffle entries.
  • Announcement – Winning numbers are drawn via the game’s live stream.
  • Rules – The rewards are distributed to each winner.

You get a score for every time you buy a raffle entry from the event menu. After getting 2 points, you get a free draw entry for the next round.

The announcement phase lasts from 10 p.m. to midnight during the event. Players cannot buy or set their number combinations during this time. The winners will be announced via the live broadcast of the game.

Earn up to 300,000 Diamonds in the Mega Diamonds event in Mobile Legends.The grand prize for the event is 300,000 diamonds.

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Mobile Legends Mega Diamonds Event Rewards

Players will receive rewards based on the number of numbers they guessed correctly.

  • First Prize (300,000 Diamonds) – 5 matches
  • Second prize (12,500 diamonds) – 4 games
  • Third prize (1250 diamonds) – 3 games
  • Fourth Prize (100 Diamonds) – 2 matches
  • Fifth Prize (10 Crystal of Aurora) – 1 match

If no one wins the first prize in one round, the prize will be accumulated in the next round. This will continue until someone wins the top prize.

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