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Mobile Legends Samba Muse Draw Event Goes Live



The Samba Muse event in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is now live. Players may have a chance to get Pharsa’s new ‘Samba Muse’ skin if they log in today and claim their only free draw for the event. This event will last until March 7, 2021 and has a wide variety of prizes such as Skin Fragments, Skin Trial Cards, and more. Players can participate up to eight times to get the new skin. Don’t miss this opportunity to try your luck and acquire this limited edition skin for ML hero Pharsa. Here are more details about the Samba Muse event in Mobile Legends.

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Samba Muse raffle event

During the event, players have the option of obtaining the limited edition skin for Pharsa, Samba Muse, as well as some in-game loot.

The first draw is free for all players, while the next draw will cost 10 diamonds. The price per draw gradually increases to a total of 749 Diamonds at most to obtain the permanent skin.

However, acquiring the skin does not unlock the corresponding hero. ML Pharsa hero must be purchased from the store to use the skin.

Get Trial Cards, Skin Fragments, and more in the Samba Muse Draw event in Mobile Legends.Get Trial Cards, Skin Fragments, and more in the Samba Muse Draw event in Mobile Legends.

Samba Muse Draw Event Rewards

Here are the rewards players can get during the Samba Muse event;

  • Samba Muse Trial Card (1-3 days)
  • Magic dust (x10)
  • Hero Fragments (x2)
  • Chest of Premium Skin Fragments
  • Magic dust box
  • Chest of Rare Skin Fragments
  • Samba Muse Appearance (Permanent)

The chances of getting the permanent Samba Muse skin increase with each draw. After reaching the eighth draw, players are guaranteed to receive the skin.

Here is the probability of getting the permanent skin on each draw;

  • 1st free draw “0.0001%
  • 2nd edition (10 diamonds): 0.10%
  • 3rd printing (30 diamonds): 3%
  • 4th edition (70 diamonds): 6%
  • 5th edition (110 diamonds): 11%
  • 6th edition (135 diamonds): 18%
  • 7th edition (175 diamonds): 25%
  • 8th edition (219 diamonds): 100%

Players can no longer participate in the Samba Muse event after obtaining the permanent skin.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to get the limited edition skin for Pharsa, “Samba Muse” in Mobile Legends.

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