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Monkeys kill four-month-old baby after hurling him from terrace of home in India



Child was in father’s arms when everything happened; this is not the first time attacks like this have been reported in India.

Pixabay/9436196 monkeys kill baby
The case is being analyzed by the authorities of the Shahi police station.

A four-month-old baby was thrown by a group of monkeys from the terrace of a three-story house in a village in the Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh, in India. According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the family was at the top of the house when the animals appeared and surrounded them. In an interview with the Times of India news portal, Upadhyay, told what happened. “It all happened on the night of Friday, the 15th. It was getting dark”, said the father, who also informed that there was a power cut in his house.

“We were getting ready for my oldest son’s birthday and the youngest one started crying”, he added and reported that it was at this moment that he chose to take him to the terrace. “After a while, some monkeys jumped from another roof and two of them attacked me,” he recalls. “One of them seemed to be leading the pack and grabbed my son,” he says, adding that he ran and found his son covered in blood.

The case is being analyzed by the authorities of the Shahi police station. In an interview with PTI News, the head of conservation, Lalit Verma, reported that a team had been sent to investigate the animals’ participation in the murder. This isn’t the first time attacks like this have happened. In February, a five-year-old girl was grabbed by monkeys and had her skin ripped off. She did not survive and died hours later. Two years ago, a family – a mother and four children – were buried alive in Shahjahanpur district.

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