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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Ride Monsters



Riding monsters has been a central aspect of Monster Hunter since its introduction in Monster Hunter 4. Riding a monster no longer involves a minigame in which the hunter needs to take down the monster without being thrown and has been replaced by Wyvern Riding. Here’s how to ride monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

Wyvern riding in Monster Hunter

The mount was a mechanic that would allow hunters to, well … ride a monster. The hunter would enter a minigame in which he would continually stab a monster’s back repeatedly while occasionally preparing himself when the monster flailed.

During this, the monster’s attention would be diverted from its fellow hunters. Once the hunter riding the monster completed the minigame, the monster would be knocked down and open to free hits. While Wyvern Riding allows a window to attack a monster, the process is more streamlined.

Putting a monster in a rideable state will now allow you to ride it. Wyvern Riding involves hitting a monster in a rideable state in order to use Silkbind to create “ropes” to manipulate monsters, allowing you to control it to some degree.

Monster Hunter Rise How to ride monsters
Tobi Kadachi in a “rideable state”. Either press A while the weapon is holstered or hit it with a riding weapon.
Credit: Capcom

While Wyvern Riding, you can move the monster however you want, attack other monsters, or slam it against a wall (or other monsters).

This means that Wyvern-mounted and mounted monsters that are not your target in the quest can be beneficial, as you can use that monster to deal damage to your target monster.

Credit: Capcom

It should be noted that after finishing Wyvern riding the monster, its threshold to be put into a rideable state will increase significantly.

This means that to mount it a second time, you will need a large amount of mount damage for a second mount, and most of the time, the monster will be killed or captured before that happens.

Monster Hunter Rise PC
Credit: Capcom

How to ride monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

Using your weapons

Putting the monster in a rideable state is pretty simple, although there are many ways to achieve it. Essentially, the monster needs to take enough “increasing damage” before it is put into a rideable state.

The traditional way to deal increasing damage is to deal damage by air strikes. Monster Hunter veterans will be very familiar with this method as it is the only way to ride monsters in the past.

You can tell that you are dealing increasing damage when the damage numbers have a blue effect behind them.

Monster Hunter Rise How to ride monsters
Credit: Capcom

Jumping off a ledge or using Wirebugs to jump into the air and perform a mid-air drag attack deals increasing damage. However, many weapons have air strikes as part of their move set, especially the Insect Glaive. For example, the sword and shield allow you to jump into the air after taking a step back.

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However, a new way to deal increasing damage in Monster Hunter Rise is Silkbind Attacks. These are your ZL + X and ZL + A (R + X and R + B if you are using a bow or crossbow). Silkbind attacks are usually its main source of increasing damage.

Using other monsters

If another monster attacks another it will deal a significant amount of increasing damage to it, generally allowing you to mount the monster right away. This is, of course, assuming the other monster simply appeared and decided to attack the other monster on its own, not as a result of Wyvern Riding and using the monster to attack.

Credit: Capcom

However, Wyvern Riding can be used to make another monster go into a rideable state. If you throw (Y button) the monster towards another monster instead of a wall, the monster that was hit will take a large amount of increasing damage.

This means that you can ride one monster, hit it against another monster, and then ride that second monster. It should be noted that once you hit a monster against another monster, your monster will be knocked down and you will dismount.

Using spider puppets

One of the endemic creatures of life is the puppet spider. If you pick it up and use it on a monster, it will deal enough mounting damage to make it possible to mount it instantly. This is only true if you haven’t ridden that monster yet.

Credit: Capcom

When placed, the puppet spiders have a short delay before firing their silk. Make sure to time it so the monster doesn’t get out of the way.

How to ride monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

Once you are riding the monster, you can only stay on it for a limited time. The dial at the bottom center of the screen is the Wyvern Riding Timer and will show how much time you have before you are forced to dismount. Landing attacks on other monsters will slightly increase the timer, while being hit by monsters will reduce it.

Monster Hunter Rise PC
Credit: Capcom

The bar attached to the Wyvern Riding Timer is called the Wyvern Riding Gauge and will allow you to perform a Mounter Punisher, which is a special move from a monster.

Control S Action
Left joystick while holding R Move the monster.
X Button Light attack. Fill the Wyvern Riding Timer if the attack hits a monster.
TO Button Strong attack. Fill the Wyvern Riding Timer if the attack hits a monster.
B Button Evade. Evading monster attacks just before landing will perform an “Emergency Evasion”, filling the Wyvern drive gauge.
Y Button Launch. Send a monster flying forward to slam it into a monster or wall to damage it.
If it is thrown into nothingness, it will simply fall over and you will dismount.
If you get hit against a wall, you can Evade with the B to regain your balance and prevent the monster from falling, allowing you to make another blow against the wall. This uses a Wirebug gauge.
If you collide with a monster, you cannot regain your balance.
X + A Buttons Mounted punisher. Can only be done when Wyvern’s Driving Gauge is full. You will dismount when the Mounter Punisher is finished.
Monster Hunter Rise How to ride monsters
After being knocked down, the monster will not be able to move freely for a moment, as shown by the Silkbinds attaching it to the ground.
Credit: Capcom

Wyvern Riding is not only a fun alternative to mounting in previous games, but it can also be used for agricultural materials, as using monsters to fight other monsters will result in brighter drops, which means more materials per hunt.

While Wyvern Riding is useful for dealing damage, it can also be useful. For example, Somnacanth’s Mounted Punisher will put the receiving monster to sleep, giving it a chance to bomb sleep (by placing barrel bombs next to it and then detonating it and hitting the monster with a powerful attack at the same time).

We hope that the guide on how to mount monsters in Monster Hunter Rise has been useful to you.

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