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MortaL Raids Ninja On Latter’s First Ever YouTube Stream



Ninja’s first ever YouTube stream last night was the talk of the gaming and streaming communities. The return of one of gaming’s biggest names meant that over 167K concurrent viewers tuned into the stream. This was Ninja’s first live broadcast since Mixer shut down, forcing him, Shroud and other content creators on the platform to look for new homes. 

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Mortal and Thug Welcome Ninja on YouTube

While Ninja hasn’t announced that he will stream exclusively on YouTube, it was a big moment for his fans to see him back in action after almost a week. He brought out the old classic in a Fortnite stream with TimTheTatman, CourageJD and Dr. Lupo to build up the hype. A lot of familiar names dropped in as well to watch Ninja on YouTube, including popular YouTubers such as Mr.Beast and Lazarbeam. 

During the same time Indian YouTuber, MortaL also learnt of Ninja’s stream and encouraged his audience to go and support him. A barrage of Mortal raid texts followed on Ninja’s chat, who was confused about what it meant. At first, he thought it was a meme or a troll but was later informed that MortaL was a streamer from India and thanked him for it. In addition, 8bit’s Animesh ‘Thug’ Agarwal was also spotted making a donation of 10K INR (~133 USD) as a way of greeting Ninja onto the platform. 

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