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Mount & Blade Is A Series That Should Be Bigger



Mount & Blade: Warband is an independent game that is part of the original Mount and blade. This adds a new faction, allows you to attack your own faction and has multiplayer.

Right off the bat, multiplayer doesn’t matter. It had its moments, but the campaign is where this game shines. It is a historical open world action RPG with many management elements.

Mount & Blade: Warband

The game takes place on the mainland of Calradia, where various kingdoms, representing various cultures, fight for the land. As a newcomer to Calradia, you will find that there is seldom peace.

If they are not the kingdoms that fight each other, you will meet bandits. Your goal is to find your place in the world. You make your character, assign points and start.

The first mission you come across, if the bandits don’t shoot you, is for you to learn the main mechanics: movement, combat, and tracking. You master them and you are good at the game.

I mean, you want to pay attention to the skills you are increasing depending on the route you are taking. You will want to be a combat expert to some degree. That is a fact in this type of game.

However, if you do not have aspirations to rule your own kingdom or obtain favorable positions, trade is your other option.

Going from town to town and trading goods can be a career in Mount and blade. Of course, I do not know how far it will take you, but it can be done.

With that said, this game is war oriented. Is within each part the name of the game. There are boring points in the game. Sometimes you may have just camped to pass the time.

If you have a city, there is downtime between city developments, and time is moving a little slow here.

Battles can be epic in scale and, due to the graphical focus, it is a game that can be played on an older computer. I was playing this on two old Gateway computers and it worked fine.

It should be bigger

I’m not saying this is a box office hit for the company, but Mount & Blade: Warband Should have more fans. Right now there is a loyal fan base that spawned a modding community.

Also, the direct sequel M&B II handled around 200,000 downloads during the early access launch.

However, it should be a bit bigger, especially in strategy game circles and among RPG fans. It offers you challenges and freedom. Your experience at Calradia is what you make of it.

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