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MPL ID Season 7 Complete Roster for All Teams Have Been Announced



The full MPL ID Season 7 roster for all teams has been announced. The seventh season of MPL Indonesia is only a few weeks away. All participating teams have announced their full roster for the upcoming MPL ID Season 7 on their social media handles. One of the driving forces behind the Mobile Legends Indonesia esports scene, Alter Ego, is keeping its squad roster intact and unchanged with Ahmad’s return to the squad. The others have mixed their players for the best chemistry. Here’s a look at the full roster of each participating team in the upcoming MPL ID Season 7.

Last year RRQ Hoshi won the MPL ID Season 6 Championship title. However, with the recent departure of their hypercarry, Xinnn, the team is looking for ways to balance the team with the help of Taka and Psychoo. . It would be interesting to see how the team performs in the upcoming MPL ID Season 7.

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Full MPL ID Season 7 rosters for all teams have been announced

Full roster of all MPL ID Season 7 squads announcedFull roster of all MPL ID Season 7 squads announced

RRQ Hoshi

  • R7 (off track)
  • Vynnn (Assistance)
  • Taka (Sidelane / Assistance)
  • Psychoo (Tank)
  • Wizzking (Sidelane / Jungler)
  • Alberttt (Jungler)
  • Lemon (Multirole)

Alter ego

  • Udil (support)
  • Yam (Offlane / Support)
  • Léomurphy (reservoir)
  • Celiboy (Jungler)
  • Ahmad (Sidelane)
  • Pai (off track)
  • Caesius (support)

Fire Aura

  • Godiva (tank)
  • High (Jungler)
  • Kabuki (off track)
  • Vaanstrong (Assistance)
  • Qeira (Offlane / Sidelane)
  • Vans (Sidelane)

Bigetron Alpha

  • Matt (Offlane)
  • Maxx (Jungler)
  • Kyy (Support / Tank)
  • Renbo (Assistance)
  • Dreams (reservoir)
  • Branz (Sidelane)
  • Rippo (off track)

EVOS Legends

  • Wannn (Jungler)
  • REKT (Sidelane)
  • Rexxy (support)
  • LJ (tank)
  • Antimage (Offlane)
  • Lighting (Support)
  • Clover (Sidelane)
  • Darkness (Tank / Support)

Geek Fam ID

  • Frzz (support)
  • Babywww (Jungler)
  • Schwannn (Off track)
  • RenV (Sidelane)
  • Despair (Offlane)
  • Zunz (reservoir)

Genflix Aerowolf

  • Kido (support)
  • Watt (Jungler / Sidelane)
  • Well done (Sidelane)
  • Rinazmi (Offlane)
  • Clay (support)
  • Fredo (Tank top)
  • Marz (Offlane / Sidelane)
  • Bottle (Jungler)

Onic Esports

  • Drian (support)
  • Goals (Offlane)
  • Sanz (Jungler)
  • Kiboy (reservoir)
  • Rasy (reservoir)
  • Maipan (support)
  • Sasa (Sidelane)
  • CW (Sidelane / Jungler)

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It looks like the teams are ready to go and seize the opportunity to topple RRQ Hoshi on their throne. It would be interesting to see who wins the MPL Ph Season 7 title this year as Champions.

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